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Great!.... but not the full version

Love the app! Its a lot of fun to be able to list all of your movies in a nice and organized way. Unfortunately you can only have 50 movies in your collection and Im not sure its worth spending money over to get the full version.

database insufficient to be effective

Youd think 725,000 titles would be sufficient, but apparently it isnt. Roughly 40% of the movies I initially tried to scan were not found in the database. With 500 movies owned, I have no intention of manually entering 200 titles! Too bad - it otherwise looked very promising. Built-in scanner worked great, it just couldnt find almost half my titles. Id consider contributing titles using the contribute feature, but only if I was paid to do so as it would be a very time consuming exercise. Contributing 200 titles would take days rather than hours.

Can you watch movies with this?

As my title says can I search for a movie and watch it? I would like to be able to do that instead of haveing to download movies to watch them. If I can’t, change it and then it will get 5 stars

Okay but not as stable as I would like

I would say that almost 90% of my collection is somehwere in the data base - I have either scanned or entered over 1800 titles so far. I some cases I used place holders of the same movie in a dfferent version. For instance, a British release rather than a Canadian release: my primary interest being to get my own clean data base. To do this I search for the title rather than the bar code. I have however contributed several dozen single titles and sets. At first I thought the set sorting and guidelines were a bit much, but have come to undertansd the need for a high level of scrutiny to ensure a high level of integrity in the database. Support is very good. I feel as I know these guys now after a lot of coaching and communication.


dont understand how use it,and this not good!!!!!!very bad!

teach me

i dont know how to watch it i need a hand to teach me

Great App

This app is perfect for anyone who has a big movie collection and would like to see what movies they own.

First Impression

I just down loaded this app and within 5 minutes I had my entire collection scanned. I have 49 Blu-ray discs so I downloaded the free version. It scanned all of my discs within 1-2 seconds each and never missed. I may be reviewing a bit early because I have only downloaded it a few minutes ago and have not tested all features but I have my entire collection scanned and all info is the collection. So far I am very impressed.

Good Enough

But its definitely not worth the "Pro" $14.99 price.

Its ok

This is a program to organize your movie rental store... I dont have a rental store but I use it to have a practical way to look through the movie covers that i do own (more than 80) so that I can choose a movie. the only down side is that you are only able to clearly see 50 of the titles you add in this free version and the rest that you add are dimmer (but you can still make out the movie) I like the "Watch trailer" link so that you can watch the trailer if you havent seen the movie or if you forget what the movie is about.(the "Watch trailer" link is only available on the 50 titles that I mentiond before. Overall, I still open this app everytime Im about to watch a Movie :)

Cant sign in

Write up looks like its an app Id enjoy and make use of - but it wont open and I cant sign in. Registered, and never got an email. Fix it, and Ill be happy to check it out and up the rating.

great organizer

aside from the obvious 50 movie limit, this is great. it uses my webcam to scan the barcodes of my movies. I like knowing what I have & if Ive lent it out & to who. it has a link that you can watch on your computer directly from a local volume if you have a digital copy stored somewhere. Only problem i have with it is i cant figure out how to link in my movies/tv shows from itunes.

Almost love it

I like everything about it organization wise, but one thing that is missing for me is an option to include VHS tapes into your collection as well. I have several hundred VHS that still work just fine. Right now I have a spreadsheet that has all of our movies recorded but Im looking for an application that can also do cover flow and provide much more information about the movie as well. It looks like this product offers that perfectly, except for VHS. You had me sold until VHS, fix that and you have another customer.

Dont Waste Your Time

First, the program is full of flaws and lacks even the basic necessities to function as a true movie database. Second, youre not allowed to run the app until you register it first, creating usernames/password/confirming email address, etc.. And when all thats done they require you to authenticate your email address by replying to their email requesting such. All I wanted to do was test drive this app to see features. WOW.

Does NOT Allow Me To Sign In

I downloaded the app and the welcome screen does not allow me to sign in. I have the iPad version and I really like it. Im glad I didnt purhase the pro version.

Huge Disappointment

I have this app on my iPad. But, the program cannot recognize an imported name file (you have to use barcode or numbers) then I thought I would download the Mac OS X version to make the process easier by copying and pasting in all the names by hand from my current database... BUT, this version does not allow me to enter my user name, etc., in the requested field, so I cant even use it. In the end, this is just a cumbersome program that requires more time to set it up then one will actually get out of actual use. Do not download this app. It is quite broken.


OMG you must be kidding you really sell this stuff my dog can create something better than this sorry but not sorry!!!!!

Crashes after importing about 25 movies.

I was hopeful that the Mac experience would be better than the Windows experience. At least the windows version doesnt crash. I was importing movies stored on my NAS and mounted as an AFP filesystem. It was looking good at first, then it went terribly wrong.

Maybe Im not that picky...

But this free version seems to be working great for me so far. Now, Im starting from scratch- I used the free iPhone 5 app to scan in 43 movies in less than 15 minutes using the barcode scanner (and the title search for a couple of titles that didnt have barcodes on the case), and they all came up fine and imported into my phone. I then downloaded this free trial version for my MacBook Pro, logged in and clicked "synch" and all my titles are there. I also REALLY appreaciated the ability to simply email a .csv file from my iPhone so that I could have an excel file for printing. I havent tried to import from other sources, or really stress the features, but Im very happy with it so far. And heck- its a free trial so its worth the 30 minutes to try it out.

Does what I wanted it to do

It does what I expected it to do and I have both the iPhone and Mac version. I would like for them to add the option to put the movies that I have in Digital Download format as well.

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